about me 

Height: 165cm   |   Eye Color: Dark Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hi there, I'm mermaid Eraphira, but in real life I get called Stefanie Sekler.

I'm a young mermaid performer, actress and model from Hamburg, Germany.

Already at a young age of 5 years I loved to sing and dance so I studied in my 20ies

acting, singing and dancing at Stage School in Hamburg.

I'm working currently as an actress and model all around Europe.

But water was always my Element.

Do you know the feeling when you're under water and you can see how the light reflects on the watersurface?

It's stunning.

Water always felt like home for me.

So I started to work as real professional mermaid.

as a mermaid 


MJFT Nord   |   Spaßtreff   |   2017 - now  |   mermaid & mermaid instuctor

Geesthacht   |   Wassererlebniswelt   |   2018  |   swimming & sitting act

Rindermarkthalle Hamburg   |   Karo Beach Beaclub   |   2018  |   sitting act


Lake of Constance  |   Rainer Rössler Photography   |   2017  |   mermaid model

Halloween Shooting  |   Schwaz photography   |   2017  |   mermaid model


Hamburg  |   Band Circus Genard   |   2018  |   mermaid model/actress

 Training & Workshops 

2013 - 2016   |   Stage School Hamburg   |  School for Acting, Dancing, Singing

2015   |   Hansafilm Academy  |  Camera Acting Workshop "Medium Film"

2014   |   Hansafilm Academy  |  Camera Acting Workshop "Hanflug & Figur"

2014   |   Hansafilm Academy  |  Camera Acting Workshop "Glaubhaftigkeit & Gestaltung"

2013   |   Acting Begining by Cynthia L. Schwell   |   Portland, Oregon (USA)

 Special Skills 
  • Free-diving to 5 meters

  • Able to breath hold for up to 2 minutes

  • trained for flexibility

  • experience in acting and modelling

  • trained singer (sopran)

  • trained actress

  • trained dancer

  • experienced to work with children

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